Three Essays on the Book, “Manhunt”


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Three Essays on the Book, "Manhunt"
Essay One
The Abraham Lincoln assassination that took place on April 14, 1865 created a postponement of what the Civil War sought to change, rights for blacks in the south and a peaceful union between the north and south in America. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln did cause an effect of further chaos between the north and south. Even though the Civil War had officially ended just before Lincoln was assassinated, there was still some tensions after the assassination that made it clear that the issues between the north and the south were not resolved. In this way, Lincoln’s assassination alone was a reason for the continual tensions between north and south. However, if the original plot was carried...
The end:
.....ry’s ordinary citizens were willing to help soldiers on a person-to-person level, for humanity’s sake, and not be concerned with whether the solider’s were from north or south. In this way, the Garrett’s may have been thinking that Booth and Herold were just soldier’s as they said they were, and needed genuine help. However, once they alerted authorities and allowed their barn to be burned and Booth was led away from the barn to be shot by Corbett, the Garrett’s I think were the main heroes of the story, only because they led to Booth’s capture and saw that he was guilty of doing something bad, even if they did not know exactly what.
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