Three Cognitive Processes in the Human Brain


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Three Cognitive Processes in the Human Brain
This paper will identify and define three cognitive processes that occur within the human brain. The paper will subsequently look at three peer-reviewed scholarly studies that each look at the individual cognitive processes and will summarize their findings as well as the methodologies involved in each study. Last of all, the paper will look at what the studies, in the aggregate, reveal about the functioning of the human brain.
There appear to be a number of different cognitive processes at work in the mind: we have perception; we have attention; and we have working memory (Robinson-Reigler & Robinson-Reigler, 2008, p.2).
We must now look at the purpose of each of the selected...
The end: tidal wave of various external stimuli) is limited, too. In general, we are still trying to figure out the taxonomy of the cognitive process, but we are moving in the right direction.
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