Three Article Summaries on Global Warming


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Three Article Summaries on Global Warming
The article “The Problem With New Data,” by John Carroll state that smog-creating chemicals like methane, chloroflurocarbons and particulate matter might be more responsible for global warming than carbon dioxide. Dr. James Hanson, founded of both the report on carbon dioxide creating global warming, changed his position based on his study, showing academic and scientific maturity. This points to a larger human condition of people afraid of being wrong or disproven, despite evidence that shows that studies may in fact be wrong. Global warming is a serous issue but finding the solution is even more important than changing one’s opinion based on data.
When politics and science come together is when...
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.....ocritical in other ways, like promoting of risking soldier’s lives in inappropriate vehicles. This sort of ignorance and hypocrisy seems to be ignored while people mourn the inept research on global warming. Overall, knowing what information is good information is really hard to do, and often misleading.
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