Thoughts on the California African American Museum


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Thoughts on the California African American Museum
Museums serve as a physical document of our cultural history. While African American history is still all too often left to footnotes in our textbooks, seeing the actual works or art in the California African American Museum had a powerful effect on me that could not have been conveyed in words alone. I was able to see more clearly both the horrors of America’s sad history of racism and take in the beauty of works by artists who might never have had a chance for wide recognition in their time. I was able to visit three major sections of the museum: the African’s Symbolic Culture and art craft, the African Presence section which included the “Who Are We Now” exhibition, and the art show by...
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.....appear neglected or unfinished. Lane’s sculptures push back against a culture of male dominance by depicting women with more detail and definition.
In a way, Lane’s sculptures perfectly reflect the mission of the African American Museum. It is not intended to show only one kind of story, but to add detail and definition to parts of American culture and history that do not always receive enough attention. While we no longer see explicit racism enforced by law in this country, the effects of slavery are still being felt. The California African American museum serves an important function in both providing a reminder of the harsh realities of racism, and showing the beautiful creations of artists whose work must not be ignored because of race.