Therapeutic Communication Techniques in a Health Assessment Interview


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Therapeutic Communication Techniques in a Health Assessment Interview
Interviewing is a skill that requires the use of different techniques to obtain health information from clients in order to perform an assessment and provide care. Some of the interview techniques can facilitate the therapeutic interview process or hinder the process. This paper discusses a health assessment interview with identification of the therapeutic communication techniques that facilitated the interview and hindered the interview and a reflection of the interview process to identify areas of improvement.
Communication techniques that facilitated and hindered the interview
Listening was the most important communication technique used in this interview...
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.....ions were used in a health assessment interview. The use of open-ended questions, listening and focusing facilitated the interview. The interview was hindered by silence and the use of close questions. Silence is a difficult technique to use and I need to learn how to use it effectively to facilitate interviews. Close questions are necessary when obtaining the health history of a client and it is another technique that I need to learn how to use it effectively.
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