Theory in Archaeology


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Theory in Archaeology
Theory is important in archaeology as it is in any science. Theory in archaeology helps formulate a set of broad based, guiding principles that all serious archaeologists can respect. Theory can and will help archaeologists look toward more accurate readings of the archeological record. As a way of strengthening this branch of science, theory also helps scholars critique a specific archeological process.
The theory of an archaeological approach is important not strictly for scientific reasons. It is also important because some of the most archaeologically intriguing parts of the world are politically hot. Archaeologists working in the Israel/Palestine region need to be able to tell political leaders exactly what they...
The end:
.....hey will enjoy the confidence of colleagues who know the information and data was derived in a legitimate way. Finally, theory helps archaeologists learn how to ensure safeguards against misinterpretation and fraud. Archaeologists who are passionate about their trade will no doubt have theoretical passions as well as practical passions towards their chosen profession.
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