Theory-guided Practice versus Evidence-based Practice in Nursing


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Theory-guided Practice versus Evidence-based Practice in Nursing
Theory and evidence are both important for nursing practice. There is a tendency at the present time for evidence to exclude theory but each one is equally vital for nursing. The value of theory-directed practice is that it informs evidence-based practice. However, theory relies on the evidence from empirical research to prove its significance and usefulness (Reed, 2006). The most important point about the hospital in Cottage Country is that the nursing theory chosen should be appropriate for the mission and values. Furthermore, theory- and evidence-directed practice must be related to one another. The focus of this paper is to demonstrate that theory and...
The end:
.....with evidence. Theory has the potential to provide solutions to the most significant problems in nursing practice but only research is capable of rigorously examining those possible solutions and applying them to various situations.
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