Theology and Bible Reading Follow-up Questions


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Theology and Bible Reading Follow-up Questions
There is a great deal of debate regarding how to read biblical texts. Some experts believe that you should study a biblical text based on the text alone. Other experts believe that to really understand biblical texts properly it is necessary to have a strong background in theology.
In this essay the arguments presented in “Theology and Bible Reading” by J. I. Packer will be examined. Packer argues that theology and bible reading are one and the same and that believers need both to get the most out of biblical texts.
To prove this argument this essay will answer eight questions. The first question that will be answered is in what sense is Bible reading informed by theology? Packer believes that...
The end:
.....ain a greater
understanding of the Bible.
In conclusion, Packer’s argument about Theology and Bible reading is very strong. What he is ultimately arguing is that theology allows the reader to develop a number of contexts to understand biblical texts. This allows the reader to understand biblical texts in the way they were meant to be understood. When the biblical texts are understood the way they are supposed to be understood believers get more out of the texts.
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