Themes of Mary’s Life in “The Way of Duty”


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Themes of Mary’s Life in "The Way of Duty"
Some of the most important positive themes of Mary’s life in The Way of Duty involve religion, family (marriage), spiritual gentleness, independence (whether women’s independence or on American soil in general) and education. Unfortunately, many themes also comprise events pertaining to disease, death, war, and depression. Throughout the first seventy pages of the book, two of Mary’s children, her sister, husband, and mother-in-law die. As people living in the U.S. during the 21st century, it is often hard to conceive what such circumstances would have been like.
It is similarly difficult to understand what life was like for women during revolutionary America. Although many aspects of gender...
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.....luding war, disease, and death (which also had devastating influences on the rest of revolutionary American at the time), the book also portrays the strengths Mary derived from such positive themes as family, religion, independence, and education. Mary was an atypical woman living in revolutionary America, but many of her challenges in life resonated with the events occurring at the time. The material Mary wrote provides some of the most valuable literature for understanding the subtleties of femininity during the Revolutionary War and Post-colonial America, especially as it relates to both the acceptance and adaptation of women’s roles.
Buel, Joy, and Richard Buel, Jr. 1984. The way of duty. New York: W. W. Norton & Company.