Theme of the Supernatural in “The Old Woman” and “The Queen of Spades”


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Theme of the Supernatural in “The Old Woman” and “The Queen of Spades”
This literary analysis will examine the function of the supernatural of the older women found in these two stories by Daniil Kharms and Alexander Pushkin. The old woman in Pushkin’s story “The Queen of Spades” is a woman who uses supernatural means to alter the debt she as incurred from losing at cards. This is very similar to the old woman in Kharms’ “The Old Woman” whom uses supernatural means in which an old woman materializes in the home of the narrator and alters the time continuum. In this manner, both stories use contrasting means of the supernatural through constructive and deconstructive forces, but they both exude a sense of “absurd” in the way they alter...
The end:
.....sts Kharms’ focus on the old woman as being symbolic of death. However, the supernatural abilities of the two women provide breakdowns in reality, such as the old woman’s ability to materialize or alter time and the way that the Countess makes a supernatural deal to be her chief adversary at cards. By understanding the sometimes “absurdist” break with reality in these stories characterizing the supernatural, these two stories provide differing ways in which these old women function as the harbingers of these fantastical events.
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