Theme of Loyalty for Penelope as Wife and Mother in “The Odyssey”


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An Analysis of the Theme of Loyalty for Penelope as Wife and Mother in The Odyssey
This literary study analyzes the role of loyalty in the character Penelope as mother and wife of Odysseus in The Odyssey by Homer. When Odysseus is gone for nearly twenty years at the battle of Troy, his wife Penelope resists many suitors and remains loyal to her marital vows. Penelope often uses the burial shroud and the stringing of the bow as context to ward off her lustful suitors, which prevents them from betraying Odysseus. Also, Penelope is faithful mother in remaining loyal to her son Telemachus by protecting him from the suitors and their ill-meaning intent. In essence, the loyalty of Penelope will be analyzed through the context of her role as wife...
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.....ough the ax-helves sockets. Furthermore, Penelope protects Telemachus from harm and the suitors when he husband is way, which results in his being present with Odysseus when they slay their foes. In this manner, Penelope is a loyal and faithful wife and mother during the long wait for the return of Odysseus from the battle of Troy.
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