Theme of Integrity in “Denton’s Daughter”


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Theme of Integrity in “Denton’s Daughter”
In “Denton’s Daughter,” a high school boy, Carroll Clement Junior, talks to his history teacher with the hope that he could improve his grade without studying for the quizzes. He agrees to take the history’s teacher’s daughter to a party believing that the history teacher would appreciate it and improve his grade by two points. Part of the plot is that Carroll Clement Junior had a girl friend, Kathy, who did not appreciate his going out with another girl and she becomes angry at him. Kathy believes that the teacher’s daughter, Evelyn, was beautiful because she had seen a picture of Evelyn, but the picture she sees is a relative of the teacher’s daughter (Lowenberg 14/17). Even though Carroll took...
The end:
.....r is trying to show is that working diligently is the only way to obtain good grades or to complete any project. Carroll was the type of student who could have achieved high grades but he was not willing to apply himself. Carroll was the type of person who wanted the best, but he lacked the willingness to achieve his best. Sometimes students believe that doing favors for teachers will encourage the teachers to change their grades, but most teachers want to see students do their best work. In real life people try to take the easy route, but they fail to realize that only diligent and hard work will help them to achieve their goals. In real life, integrity and truthfulness is the best policy.
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