Theme in the Film “Shakespeare in Love”


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Theme in the Film "Shakespeare in Love"
Shakespeare In Love is a romantic comedy of errors. Its theme is that unjust societal pressure creates the need for deception, and the separation of two people in love in one kind of unjust societal pressure. Not until Judy Dench’s Queen Elisabeth sets things straight does there seem to be any hope for justice at all. Love fuels the hope in this film.
This course has taught me how to deconstruct a film, to see its situation and its outcome, and how the outcome is reinforced by the situation. Nothing in this film occurs out of the blue. The plot always builds on itself. None of the nastiness comes unprepared, while the joys and ultimate victory for the lovers is a great stroke of good fortune for them...
The end:
.....e viewer’s love in a way that is affirming like Shakespeare’s love for de Lesseps. The audience is made a sharper person, or at least has been exposed to a finer atmosphere of grace and irony. Those qualities set a higher standard than the sort of films we are used to. The same can be said for de Lesseps’s standard as a person in comparison to Shakespeare. Her influence was more valuable than her love, but it was the love that made the influence possible. Even if some people think the film is smugly intelligent, that can be chalked up to a wrong perception that can be associated with deception. The concpet of intelligence being unattractive always remains in the mind of the beholder.
Shakespeare In Love. Dir. John Madden. 1998.