The Zygomaticus Major Muscle


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The Zygomaticus Major Muscle
The zygomaticus major muscle is one of the muscles of facial expressions used in altering the face to produce smiles by elevating the corners of the mouth. The zygomaticus muscle is important in singing, laughing and can be a trigger point for pain that is referred to other regions of the face. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the anatomy of the zygomaticus major muscle and its importance. Included in this paper is a description of the role of the zygomaticus major muscle during smiling, singing and in trigger points for pain.The zygomaticus major muscle is one of the muscles of facial expression that has its origin in anterior section of the zygomaticus bone (Richter 134). The insertion of the...
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.....ticatory muscle and can be relieved by lengthening the zygomaticus major muscle.
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