The Worst Job in America: Undocumented Migrant Farm Workers


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The beginning:
The Worst Job in America: Undocumented Migrant Farm Workers
Every day, millions of Americans wake up in the morning and go to their jobs. Be it doctor, waitress, pharmacist, teacher, and farmer: every job is integral to the running of the country. Still, some jobs have fewer benefits than others, and the people who work such jobs have little dignity. I think that the worst job in America has to be being an undocumented migrant farm worker. The job is very strenuous, the benefits are few, the pay is low and the dangers are very high.
Undocumented migrant farm workers are first and foremost, not citizens of the United States. They do have to pay taxes but they don’t get the benefits of citizenry. If they get hurt, they can’t get any...
The end:
.....tly undocumented migrant workers. They risk their lives to make money and provide for their families, with almost no benefits but the pride of hard work and enjoying the outdoors. Undocumented migrant farm workers work hard with no benefits. They work in dangerous and often hot, toxic and thankless conditions. Undocumented migrant farm workers have to deal with not being citizens. They come to America for a better life and an opportunity to work hard, though they don’t have the rights of the average citizen of the United States. At the same time, they get no benefits and have difficulty with an overall sense of job security. Still, undocumented migrant farms workers are an integral part of our agricultural identity and the American economy.