The Western Style Leadership of Ngo De Diem Against Ho Chi Minh


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The Western Style Leadership of Ngo De Diem Against Ho Chi Minh
The focus of this leadership analysis will examine the western methods of leadership that Ngo Dinh Diem practiced against his adversary Ho Chi Minh. In Vietnam, the separation between the North and the South provides evidence that Ho Chi Minh relied heavily on Chinese communist leadership in Asia versus the more American/United Nations influenced leadership existing under Diem. While both leaders claimed to be supporting nationalism and independence from foreign invaders like the French and the Americans, Minh and Diem took differing leadership styles through western and anti-western nationalism to mobilize the development of a sovereign nation in Vietnam.
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.....lp support the class hierarchy/capitalist mentality that did not rely on collectivism found in Chinese communism. These are crucial ways in which these two leaders used western and non-western styles of leadership due to Minh’s reliance on Asian communism versus the more stratified class hierarchy defined in Diem’s belief in western governing principles. In this manner, Ho Chi Minh’s and Ngo Dinh Diem provide examples of differing ways in which they mobilized their people in the conflict between North and South Vietnam during the 1940s and up until the early 1960s.
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