The Way God was Viewed Among 17th C Writers vs the 18th C Writers


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The Way God was Viewed Among 17th C Writers vs the 18th C Writers
The period of literature known as the Enlightenment includes the 17th and 18th centuries, but the roots of this period in historic literature goes back much farther. The Enlightenment period is about thinkers and writers believing that they were more enlightened than the average man. Man here is used generically (“The Norton Anthology of American Literature Seven Edition”, 2007, p. 1-3).
The purpose of these thinkers and writers was to enlighten their fellow man in areas of literature, science, philosophy and religion. The purpose of enlightenment then was to teach how human reason could be used to stave off ignorance, superstition and tyranny so that a better world could be...
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.....usband as a woman separate from her affiliation with God and the Puritan church. For the poet the passionate love of her husband and hers for him is as close as she imagines she will ever get to heaven. In reading the poem it is believed that the union between the woman and the husband will not ever dissolve not even in death which in that time was a Christian theme.
Love for Anne
is a way to heaven. This is an unconventional religious belief for a Puritan woman in the 17th Century. For
God’s will is for her to live a heavenly life with her husband on Earth until they get to heaven.
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