The Use of Three Literary Elements in Two Poems


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The beginning:
The Use of Three Literary Elements in Two Poems
The ensuing paper will look at three literary elements in two poems – one by Sylvia Plath entitled, “Lady Lazarus,” the other one by Elizabeth Bishop entitled, “Filling Station.” The trio of literary elements under discussion will be the following: tone, imagery (metaphors and similes, et cetera), and rhyme scheme. Ultimately, the thesis of the paper is as follows: both women feel as if they are outsiders; Plath believes herself to be an outsider (and an outsider who is hated) whereas Bishop is a woman who perceives herself to be an outsider because of her gender; both women craft poems that stand out because they utilize tone, imagery and rhyme (or non-rhyme) to show the spiritual desolation...
The end:
.....f the poets mentioned above felt as though they were shut off from the wider world – though Plath’s feelings of isolation were ultimately more pathological. When all is said and done, each work is a good instance of how tone, imagery and rhyme scheme can combine to produce powerful and evocative works.
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