The Urban Legend of Alligators in the Sewer System


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The Urban Legend of Alligators in the Sewer System
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February 15, 2011
The urban legend of alligators in the sewer system is ultimately a myth. However, this popular American tale is retold countless times by those who have become enamored with the possibility of this myth being a reality. Dingus (2002) argued that “the word ‘folklore’ may sound old-fashioned, and suggests geezers whittling on the porch while spinning yarns, but it simply means the traditional knowledge of any culture” (p. 70). It may be a contentious argument to relegate the stories about alligators in the sewer to the lofty realms of folklore. However, these stories are not completely baseless.
New York City has been the bastion...
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.....ting of the void left by the departure of childhood myths like Santa Claus. However, Christmas morning still manifests gifts for many children across the U.S. every year. So too is the alligator in the sewer urban legend as it is an entertaining gift that keeps on giving.
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