The United States Should Not Intervene Militarily in Foreign Countries for Humanitarian Reasons


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The beginning:
The United States should not intervene militarily in foreign countries for humanitarian reasons. History has taught us that people do not want to American intervention. They would rather die than be occupied by a foreign nation.
This hard truth is counter intuitive to the American imagination, but is fairly obvious to other countries. Even a fairly benign occupation, like the former English occupation of Ireland, galvanized the Irish against the English. The force that ultimately benefitted from that conflict was Irish nationalism. Similar to that conflict is the ongoing Russian occupation of Chechnya. This occupation has helped radical Islam flourish in that small nation. It would see that all Western meddling in Africa and the Middle...
The end:
..... when we show the world that our patience with their dislike for us becomes American inaction. We will have to close our eyes to their suffering, because if we see it we will act. If we act to help others, we will be hated for it.
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