The Unhealthy State of Healthcare in the U.S.


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The Unhealthy State of Healthcare in the U.S.
The problem with healthcare in the U.S. in the 21st Century is that all the good intentions of medical professionals are continually being undermined by politicians and the insurance industry. The objectives in government-sponsored initiatives such as People 2010 seem reasonable, but the profit-motive and seemingly misguided notions that government is becoming too big and too intrusive is damaging the opportunity for more Americans to be insured. Of course, there is a second major area of concern, not merely insurance coverage. That is the unhealthy life-styles which cause such serious life-endangering effects such as obesity, especially childhood obesity, leading to serious medical problems...
The end:
.....that many American families face when it comes to the affordability of care, and the need for the improvements in the quality and availability of coverage that the Affordable Care Act will bring. By comparing the U.S. experience across a range of access and cost-related measures to the experiences of health care consumers in other countries, the magnitude of the problem within our system becomes clear. American families are clearly in need of a helping hand, and the Affordable Care Act will make great strides toward improving access to care while reducing out-of-pocket costs."
Republicans have vowed to scale back the controversial health reform law when the new Congress is seated in January, but it's not clear how much impact they may have.