The Unfairness of At-Will Employment


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The Unfairness of At-Will Employment
In these difficult economic times with high unemployment rates, there are many employees who believe, perhaps mistakenly, that at-will employment is still better than no employment, or no union backing or other contract, at all. At-will employment generally applies to any private-sector employee who is not covered by a collective bargaining agreement and who does not have an enforceable contract of employment. Employees retained at will may be discharged for any legal reason. “At-will employment frequently is challenged on various allegations that it is an "excuse" for unfair termination. Despite regular attacks, the courts usually uphold the concept” (“How At-Will Employment is changing”, 2007, p. 2)....
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..... al, 2010, p. 463)
Given that often no valid excuse may be used, it is sad to reflect that personal animosity or the will of a manager of boss to get rid of an employee makes it difficult for that employee to remain productive.. “At-will” therefore tends to mean at the employer’s will. That creates an element of fear in the work place that can truly be counter-productive which can mean that at -will can often be uinfair.
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