The Truth about Consumers and Advertising


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The Truth about Consumers and Advertising
Why do people buy products that are misleading? Why do people believe deceptive advertising? Many consumers buy products based on advertisements from television or out of magazines. Many consumers briefly read over the labels on different products, but few consumers check out products to see whether their advertisements or labels are accurate. The majority of shoppers want cheap prices while paying little attention to the truth about these products. Most consumers fail to check out the truth about advertisements, they are name brand but they fail to have accurate information, or the labels attached to the products fail to tell the complete truth.
The majority of consumers buy products because the...
The end:
.....curacy of the information. Consumers fail to seek out the truth about advertisements, name brands, or labeling because it is easier to buy cheap products and forget the rest.
Today, people live in a global world where they pay some attention to advertisements, commercials, and labels. In a global world, people are so buy that the products they purchase are based on the advertisements that they have seen or the labels that they are gullible enough to believe. How many people would eat dog food? How many people want to know the truth about the products in toothpaste?
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