The True Meaning of Devotion


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The beginning:
The True Meaning of Devotion
The door shut quietly on that sweltering summer evening, and the world as I had comfortably come to know it changed forever. My father and my mother were going to have to: “take a break from each other for awhile”. My father, who had devotedly been by my side for every moment of my eleven years, was no longer going to be by my side this night, and I hadn’t a notion when and if he would ever be by my side again. Winston, my seven-year-old Boston Terrier looked at me with his huge eyes, and understood. He knew that I needed him. He came to me and licked my tears. In an instant, my darkness lifted, and I felt like life could continue. I remember looking at his soulful eyes and asking him to promise to never leave...
The end:
.....ll and wanted to play. Each day, I thought about my promise to him, and I devoted myself to my homework.
The week of my graduation, Winston was near the end. It was almost as if he knew what he meant to me. On graduation day, I looked at him before I went to get my diploma, and we shared a moment that I will never forget. I cried then, as I cry now thinking about it. His cloudy eyes glistened, and I knew what devotion meant.
Winston went to a better world three days after my graduation, leaving at night without a sound. I learned the meaning of devotion from Winston, and no dictionary can express the meaning of what the world truly means with the eloquence and accuracy that a stubborn, twelve pound, black and white angel demonstrated to me.