The Tide of Illegal Immigrants Coming into Texas


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The Tide of Illegal Immigrants Coming into Texas
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One of the largest, or at least most visible problems facing the state of Texas today is illegal immigration. One method believed to help stem the tide of illegal immigrants coming into Texas is the construction of a massive border wall.
Just before the 2006 mid-term elections, then President Bush signed into law the Secure Fence Act which called for added walls, fences, roads, and other obstacles along almost 850 miles of border in the southern United States, much of which is in Texas ( 2007). There are two very distinct sides to this problem, both of which will be evaluated.
There are those who believe that there should be no border wall in Texas. They argue...
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I feel that we should embrace conservation first rather than taking the easy way out and damming rivers to get the water we need. This would create a major ecological impact on the land, which may be avoided if we just embrace conservation and really try to avoid such situations. “Reservoirs or conservation?”. website. Accessed 7.3.09. “environmental impact”. Website. Accessed 7.3.09.