The Theoretical Perspective on a Case of Chronic Illness and Uncertainty


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The Theoretical Perspective on a Case of Chronic Illness and Uncertainty
In my clinical practice, I have observed a variety of different attitudes and behaviours pertaining to how families of cancer patients cope. The case of a new immigrant to Canada who has suddenly been diagnosed with life-threatening cancerous tumors presents a doubly-stressful situation for both the patient and his or her family, and for the nurse and healthcare team that has been designated to select and implement a care plan for the patient. The reasons for the stress are 1) the patient is coping with their new surroundings as a new immigrant to Canada and is growing older in age, and 2) the patient is attempting to deal with the situation of having a...
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.....a theoretical point of view that looks at uncertainty as a dynamic in the patient experience as well as self-management in coping with chronic illness, can be helpful in guiding a care plan for a new immigrant to Canada who has been diagnosed with cancer. Utilizing these evidence-based studies, the patient and the family of the patient can be made more confident in the necessary treatment that will accompany a cancer diagnosis.
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