The “Terrorism” Question


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The “Terrorism” Question
     Terrorism is generally defined as the use of violence against innocent people or public targets in order to terrify the public, spread fear, gain media attention for the terrorist group perpetrating the attack, and achieve a political goal such as destabilizing a government the attackers consider to be illegitimate or corrupt.  Events in recent years have demonstrated that “terrorists” is a term many governments apply to people or groups who are not terrorists, and in many cases it has become an unjustified label used against resistance groups fighting a tyrannical government.     
     This indicates that terrorism is a term that can be used to discredit political enemies, and “can be abused to obscure the...
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.....y-based interpretations of religious texts relate with all this because the freedom to act is a basic human right.  “Queering religious text” is an example of agency, and refers to the efforts of non-heterosexuals to interpret religious texts in contextualized and culturally relevant ways.  
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