The Term “Family”: Homosexual Couples and Religious Conservatives


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The Term “Family”: Homosexual Couples and Religious Conservatives
The term “family” has become a hot topic in the twenty-first century, with homosexual couples and religious conservatives at odds with each other. However, in a strange way, their views on family values are actually quite similar. In both models, children are dependent on adults for security and guidance. The problem these models share is that they are built on the idea of a power-sharing couple, whether they are gay or straight, secular or religious (women in even very religious homes have more power than some progressives would care to admit). However, these models both fail to recognize that love does not bind people indefinitely. I will argue here that that a family is...
The end: too many variables, including alcoholism and mental illness, exploitation of wage-earners and innocence, and how adults can become hostages to their love of their children though one parent cannot look at the other without dying a little bit, of contempt and boredom. I think a real family is a group of people who can make a household work, thrive and keep its members, fed, clothed and loved. If you can get these things from biological parents, that is wonderful. If you cannot, then it is necessary to be in the world if you want to find a family that works for you.
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