The Technique of Domination in Canadian Multiculturalism


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The Technique of Domination in Canadian Multiculturalism
This study will evaluate the problematic way in which the technique of domination utilizes multiculturalism to define and provoke ethnic and racial divisions in the Canadian society. While the foundation of a multicultural government policies defines the importance of minority abuses in aboriginal culture, the double edge sword of white neoliberal “multiculturalism” comes forth to claim bias towards restrictions on their way of life. Furthermore, the use of multiculturalism defines the dualism of immigration status for Iranians, which further stratifies the cultural linearity of foreign identity in Canadian society. By observing these policies, it would be most beneficial to educate...
The end:
.....mmigrant identity, this barrier should be dissolved in immigrant relations processes that continually use multicultural status to separate Canadian citizens. By using marriage, gender, and other cultural facets of immigrant relations, the Canadian government needs to accept immigrants on terms of regional multiculturalism, but their humanity should be the dominant identity they should behold in the application for citizenship.
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