The Tale of Nikstlitslepmur


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The beginning:
The Tale of Nikstlitslepmur
Once upon a time, there was a banker that wanted to make a good impression on the town mayor by claiming that his daughter could grow money in her garden. While the banker had been lying to impress the Mayor, he knew that, at the very least, he had gotten his attention. The banker then spoke thusly to the mayor, in his vanity and pride, at his daughter’s gardening skills:
“My good mayor, I believe that I can fill our treasury with the money that my daughter grows in her secret garden.”
In response to this, the Mayor looked at him suspiciously and said, “Well, well, Mr. Banker, let’s make a deal. If you can grow me one hundred thousand dollars on these trees of yours, you will be in my good graces. If not, you...
The end:
.....e daughter got into trouble for yelling this very strange name out loud in the middle of the night, the daughter had relieved herself of the 25% interest she owed Nikstlitslepmur. After Matt was sent home, and everyone settled back into bed, the daughter knew she had won the money for father.
In the morning, it was found that all of the money her father had promised the mayor was fully-grown and ready for picking. The daughter had learned a valuable lesson about overcharging people for interest, as the evil gnome Nikstlitslepmur had taught her the value of making money off of money. With her father getting more business than ever because he had filled the town treasury, the daughter kept her secret as an important lesson to always remember.