The Taboo of Incest


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The Taboo of Incest
Incest occurs when members of the same family are engaged in sexual activity. Incest has been considered a taboo throughout history and is a taboo in many societies. There are several reasons why incest has become a taboo in most societies. There are scientific reasons that have been demonstrated through genetic research findings that provide some support for incest taboos. In societies where certain forms of incest are permitted, this sexual pattern is supported because of political and spiritual reasons.The existence of incest is considered a taboo topic and may be the reason why it is one of the least investigated and discussed sexual activities. Incest taboos are rules in society that exist to prevent sexual...
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.....ocumented throughout history and exist in most modern societies. These taboos have been established as a result of disinterest from familiarity, to prevent inbreeding, to maintain family peace and to develop social alliances.
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