The Symbolic Meaning of Paradise Park in Allegra Goodman’s “Paradise Park”


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September 15, 2011
The Paradise within the Heart
The Symbolic Meaning of Paradise Park in Allegra Goodman’s "Paradise Park"
No matter how much money a person has, and no matter how many cars he or she buys, or how expensive his or her house may be, true paradise can only be found within the heart. Rich or poor, no man or woman can achieve real contentment until he or she has gained comfort in the soul. In Allegra Goodman’s Paradise Park (2001), the protagonist Sharon travels the world trying to find her personal paradise. She wanders the world aimlessly in search of her own paradise which she thinks is some kind of a destination, with stops as a marijuana grower, a student of religion at a college, and as a...
The end:
..... life, even though she is able to apply the symbolism of the bird’s freedom to that of human beings: “A real paradise, that would mean undergoing a paradigm shift in your whole soul” (Goodman 73). She is aware of the fact that freedom- true freedom comes from inside; she is incapable at the Paradise Park of making the realization of this importance to he own life. It does serve to start her progress toward freedom however. For Sharon, Paradise Park is symbolic of the beginning of her road to inner freedom and spiritual contentment, and illustrates that Sharon is a character who consistently strives for the truth, even if she doesn’t know it.
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