The Sound Art Made by Italian Futurist Luigi Russolo


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The beginning:
This essay will be about the sound art made by Italian Futurist Luigi Russolo. His noise concerts from the years 1913-14 were perhaps the first noise concerts. Noise art was an attempt to create a sound component to the futurist movement, which wished to do away with the sentimental old lyricism of romanticism, as it had yet to be done away with in Italy. Futurism may be been an Italian to romantic ubiquity the same way Expressionism was a way of overcoming romantic hegemony in Germany and Austria. However, 
 audio solution to romanticism did not take hold in music’s avant-garde the same way the music of Expressionist composers such as Schoenberg’s did. 
This paper will attempt to describe how the music of Russolo did manage to...
The end:
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