The Social, Economic and Political Structures of New France


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The beginning:
The Social, Economic and Political Structures of New France
This paper will analyze the social, economic and political structures of New France. It will also analyze whether it was a success or not. The paper will argue that early on, New France was organized along the lines of other French provinces and tightly controlled from France. However, a few distinct economic and political structures gave way to changes later on, that, particularly had the area been allowed to continue (instead of surrendering the English) created a distinct set of social, economic and political cultures best suited to the new peoples emerging – the
The colony experienced steady growth, as was the intention of the authorities in France, who helped...
The end:
.....tensions existed between the Canadian-born clergy at lower levels of the church’s administration and the French-born clergy who dominated the top”.
By the beginning of the 1700s, many second and third generation colonists in New France had begun calling themselves
. They developed a distinct culture and language and tension began between the higher ranking French administration and those more local, lower-level Canadian-born ones. This was particularly visible n the military and the church. This new
identity was in its infancy, but it was obviously a success. One wonders what would have happened had the English not taken over and if perhaps the colony itself would have eventually wanted much more independence from France.