The Shooting of Jordan Manners and the Role of the Media


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The beginning:
The Shooting of Jordan Manners and the Role of the Media
The way in which the media portrays prominent criminal cases has long been a point of contention between those who believe unfair coverage can poison public sentiment against defendants facing trial and those who insist on holding those who commit violent felonies to account. In the tragic case of Jordan Manners, a fifteen year old high school student who was shot to death in a high school hallway four years ago, the media often interjected their own judgements in the case to explain the recanted testimony of a vital witness for the prosecution. Questions were raised repeatedly by Peter Smalls of the Toronto Star, who expressed the belief that the witness recanted her testimony...
The end:
.....ed to improve sales and reach toward as much truth as their reporting can sustain. It is clear that the question of just what happened to Jordan Manners has been lost in the arguments over whether the witness truly recanted her testimony due to the need to generate excitement and fear, and frustration.
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