The Shooting of Danroy Henry: How the Media Covered the Tragedy


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The beginning:
The Shooting of Danroy Henry: How the Media Covered the Tragedy
The ensuing several pages looks at the shooting of
Henry and how this tragedy was covered by the media: what were the target audiences? What were the key words and phrases used? What is the credibility of the sources in question? What sorts of headlines are used?
To get to the heart of the matter, it may be said that the target audiences varied somewhat in each of the sources. In the source penned by Rubin et al, the article begins by noting that
Pace was shot dead by police; it then gives the statement of police and, from there, the article moves onward to describe the details of the incident – how the football player resisted arrest, imperilled the lives of the...
The end:
..... different ways. The Lee and
source is rather police-friendly; the Rubin et al source is somewhat comparable but more ambiguous; the Goldsmith article is rather anti-police; and the US Today report does not appear to care at all.
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