The Shifting Image of Louis Riel


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The beginning:
The Shifting Image of Louis Riel
There are a startling amount of depictions about Louis Riel. Albert
states that he “has been depicted variously as bloodthirsty rebel, a New World liberator, a pawn of shadowy white forces, a Prairie political maverick, an Aboriginal hero, a deluded mystic and even a Father of Confederation” (3).
monograph The False Traitor attempts to shed light on why these many versions of Riel have surfaced over the years. Not surprisingly, much of his analysis is concerned with the changing state of Canadian politics and culture – this being the real reason why Real’s image has changed so often. What is difficult about
study is that it is so large. In attempting to cover all the changes of Riel’s...
The end:
.....the world began to question everything that had been taken for granted. Riel has certainly benefited from this continued re-examination and his place in Canadian history will certainly continue to evolve as the external forces of the world act upon Canada and, in turn, shape the Canadian imagination.
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