The Senior Partner Who is also a Tax Partner


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The beginning:
The Senior Partner Who is also a Tax Partner
SP: Senior Partner
SP/TP: The Senior Partner who is also a Tax Partner
ITM: IT Manager
HRM: HR Manager
S: Secretary
AM: Accounting Manager
TM: Tax Manager
SA: Staff Accountant
IA: Intermediate Accountant
JA: Junior Accountant
Notes: The organizational chart as drawn above makes use of some abstractions and shortcuts in the interest of clarity. These will be described here.
Arrows represent the reporting structure. For example, a drawing of AMSP indicates that an Accounting Manager responds to a Senior Partner.
Note the existence of double and triple arrows. For example, AMs report to both GPs and SPs, while SAs report to AMs, GPs, and SPs.
Only one arrow per role has been drawn, but...
The end:
..... functional departmentalization (Williams, Kondra, and Vibert 305) that was missing in the previous chart. Each manager now has an assistant, and below the assistant is the general pool from which to draw accounting power as needed.
Note the expanded roles of IT and HR, which now report to everyone. In this way, IT will be more accessible to all internal stakeholders who need paperless help, while HR will get a better ability to report on productivity and also to assist with change management. Also, this structure promotes more frequent interactions, which should lead to richer collaboration (Module 2 Lecture, slide 10).
Power remains concentrated at the top, and there are more logical reporting structures, with assistantsmanagers partners.