The Seafaring Ark as Savior of Life in the Atrahasis and Evan Almighty


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The Seafaring Ark as Savior of Life in the Atrahasis and Evan Almighty
This literary and film study will compare the modern version of Evan Almighty and the ancient myth of the flood story in the Atrahasis in the use of the ark (a seafaring vessel) as a savior of humanity. While Evan Almighty makes use of the seafaring ark as a way to preserve life with that of Atrahasis in his desire to protect human and animal life, the political connotations differ as to the means of building such a vessel by Evan Baxter (
, 2007). The Atrahasis tale relies more heavily on the power of the Gods to control human populations, which results in Enki betraying Enlil to preserve human life. In essence, both of these stories rely on higher powers...
The end:
.....pretation of the ancient Atrahasis is being politicized through the context of mismanaged American governance. Evan, however, is commanded to build the ark by God, which is very similar to divine intervention of Enki to help save some life forms on earth from the wrathful destruction of the flood imposed by Enlil. Certainly, the direct divine providence of God to use the ark as a savior of life on earth is very similar in these two stories, even though use different political and storytelling plot techniques to get this message across.
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