The Scenario: Experiencing Anger Problems at Home


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Assignment #1: YSR 817
The Scenario: Experiencing Anger Problems at Home
Jason V. is a thirty year-old man with a happy marriage, three young children, and a good job in marketing. For several months, he has been experiencing anger problems at home that have caused his wife to suggest counseling to him. The anger manifests itself in different ways. Sometimes Jason is sullen with his wife, and responds to her sarcastically when she asks him about his day at the office. At other times, Jason has shouted loudly at his young children, scaring them and perhaps masking even more violent feelings. Jason is by temperament a calm and even serene individual, and his wife is worried that the major change in his personality after the birth of his...
The end:
...... Thus, I would be mindful of knowing where to draw the line in encouraging Jason V. to put in his therapeutic work.
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