The Role Played by Transportation Costs


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The Role Played by Transportation Costs
Transportation costs have had a significant impact on the volume and character of trade in the modern era. This paper will synopsize and critique an analysis of the role played by transportation costs in both the rise and fall of trade globalization from 1820-1939. The two sources of data are Estevadeordal, Frantz, and Taylor’s paper on the rise and fall of world trade, and the OECD and ECMT’s monograph on transport and international trade. The main data source is Estevadeordal et al, with some data triangulation and empirical support provided by the OECD/ECMT. In critiquing Estevadeordal et al, this paper will proceed as follows:
Present the statement of the problem that the authors are...
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.....ed on the mathematical element of their study that they neglected to provide explanations and interpretations of the data. It would surely have strengthened the paper for Estevadeordal et al to augment the mathematical aspect of the analysis with some further qualitative discussion. Such discussion could have helped to explain why some countries make what the gravity model could characterized irrational trade decisions, for example.
Estevadeordal, Antoni, Frantz, Brian, and Taylor, Alan M. “The Rise and Fall of World Trade, 1870-1939.” NBER Working Paper Series, no. 9318 (2002): 1-42.
OECD/ECMT. “Transport and International Trade.” Report of the One Hundred and Thirtieth Round Table on Transport Economics, no. 130 (2004): 1-28.