The Role of the US as an Economic Superpower and its Obligation of Foreign Aid


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An Analysis of the Obligation of Foreign Aid and the Role of the United States as an Economic Superpower in the World
This study will analyze the role of the United States as a single superpower throughout the world. The rationale for this definition of the U.S. is defined by its economic superiority over other competing nations that also vie for superpower status. In this manner, the United States is obligated to help provide foreign assistance to countries that do not have the economic resources Americans possess, resulting in their important economic leadership at the United Nations. By understanding America as the chief economic power of the world, it must be obligated to help provide a strong leadership to help sustain and balance the...
The end: the terrible events of 9/11. In this manner, foreign aid is a crucial way in which America can redeem its image in the world, as well as provide a context in which financial assistance can be engineered through the United Nations and American influence banks like the IMF and the World Bank.
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