The Role of Research and Statistics in Psychology


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The Role of Research and Statistics in Psychology
Research and the Scientific Method
Research can be regarded as a system by which knowledge is gathered. Often, research is conducted in the course of academic or scientific inquiry. In the field of psychology, research is perhaps the most vital component. Research is the tool by which new discoveries are made. Furthermore, research also allows for prior discoveries to be tested. In the course of testing prior discoveries, which include previously posited hypotheses and theories, new perspectives can be developed. This process helps to build upon the pre-existing knowledge bases. It is in this manner that modern understanding of the surrounding world is built upon. Psychology is such a...
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.....the research process. It is the ultimate interpretation of the data which sets up the basis for the conclusions posited by the researchers. Psychology is a statistics heavy field because of the rigorous nature of its inquiry. Statistics provide the foundation for researchers in the field of psychology.
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