The Role of Facial and Physical Attractiveness


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The beginning:
The Role of Facial and Physical Attractiveness
The definition of physical beauty has long been a source of interest for psychologists, scientists, and marketing firms. For example, if the definition of beauty can be pinpointed exactly, corporations could reliably capture the interest of consumers and affect buying trends. Conversely, if the precise definition of physical attractiveness is widely known within the general public, marketing trends, hiring trends, and even everyday social interactions take on additional subtexts (assuming the knowledge of the definition of physical beauty in some ways “cancels” the effects of it). Randy
and Steven W.
, in their article “Facial Attractiveness,” endeavor to examine the ways...
The end:
.....y fittest can afford cost of handicaps.
V. Personal reaction to article
A. Good job with abstracts of attractiveness – offspring and fidelity.
B. Authors don’t consider female point of view in choice of mates and consideration of attractiveness.
C. Author point of view suggests women biologically programmed to accept lesser mate.
VI. Conclusion
A. Article itself not sexist, but authors did not consider physical attractiveness from female perspective.
B. Article does not consider societal definitions of maleness and femaleness.
C. Societal constructs of what is “male” and “female” cannot be separated from consideration of physical attractiveness.
D. More in-depth approach to the subject of attractiveness needed to understand human condition.