The Role of Community and Public Health Nurses in Outbreak Investigations


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The Role of Community and Public Health Nurses in Outbreak Investigations
Sistrom, M., & Hale, P. J. (2006). Outbreak investigations: Community participation and role of community and public health nurses. Public Health Nursing, 23(3), 256-263. doi:10.1111/j.1525-1446.2006.230308.x
This article explores the important role(s) that community and public health nurses (C/PHNs) are capable of playing in investigating disease outbreaks. Nurses have excellent skills and training to make them valuable team members during an outbreak. C/PHNs are experienced liaisons between providers and patients; are trained in empathic communication, and understand “infection control, patient teaching, reinforcement, and follow up” (Sistrom & Hale, 2006,...
The end:
.....tail, in the table. The table alone would have sufficed. The final two pages reiterate their findings regarding the facts that C/PHNs make good liaisons, educators, interviewers, and counselors to the point that it almost seems to insult the intelligence of the reader.
The information presented in this article is quite relevant and extremely significant to those in community health nursing practice. It illustrates how the work of nurses is often denigrated and/or ignored by other professionals, but that without nurses the valuable information collected and cooperation secured from the community might never happen. This article could prove instructive for health department officials, public health professionals, and members of the community.