The Rise of Social Media and its Effect on Global Marketing Strategies


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The Rise of Social Media and its Effect on Global Marketing Strategies
Global shifts in marketing processes
Globalization is the spread of connected values, ethics and ideas around the world. It allows people to work together more easily on an international basis. Globalization is also helpful from a business perspective because it allows both companies and countries to streamline processes and laws which can drive down the cost of doing business through the easing of legal barriers and other restrictions. At the same time, there is a need to recognize the fact that we are communicating and interacting more frequently and more intensely on a global basis which has changed the way that goods need to be marketed. This has allowed for not...
The end:
..... of suppliers in terms of working wages, working conditions and hiring patterns.
Appendix B: The change in social media advertising
Graph 1: Changes in US online advertising spending
Source: Ramsey 7.
Appendix C: Sources for product and service information
Graph 2: Global sources for product and service information
Graph 3: Global consumers’ reasons to share experiences
Source: NeilsenWire paras. 2, 6.
Appendix D: Best practice global social media marketing strategies
Graph 4: Global change in social media use
Graph 5: Global social network reach
Source: NeilsenWire paras. 8, 14
Appendix E: The importance of Facebook as a marketing tool
Graph 6: Brand Loyalty by Referring Site
Source: Owyang 36
Graph 7: Facebook use change
Source: Owyang 22