The Rise and Fall of a Band: “The Commitments”


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The beginning:
The Rise and Fall of a Band: "The Commitments"
Telling a story of the rise and fall of a band, “The Commitments” focus on a soul band formed by working-class Dublin youth. Though they are aware of the irony of white kids from Dublin appropriating the songs of soul music, The Commitments’ objective of seeking fame and fortune is the ultimate goal, that and being “different, isn’t
’ it?” (Doyle, 11). In attracting potential band members of The Commitments, Jimmy places an advertisement to attract musicians, by stating that “rednecks and
need not apply” (Doyle, 15). In his selection of the members of The Commitments, Jimmy grills prospective members of the band by asking them their musical influences. While, a person generally...
The end:
.....he necessary information in which individual would be a good fit for the purposes of the band it was necessary to inquire about musical influences. However, Jimmy could have asked the band to strictly audition also. Just because a musician prefers rock n’ roll does not mean that that same musician is not adept at other genres of music.
In conclusion, judging a person by their musical preferences is likely not appropriate for most purposes, while in selecting members for a band it is a little more suitable. However, Jimmy could still be able to select members without questing the candidates about their musical influences; Jimmy could have simply asked them to audition.
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