The Right to Vote


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The Right to Vote
Perhaps the most important of the fundamental rights, the right to vote allows Americans to enjoy the freedoms, safeguards, and powers guaranteed under the Constitution. Without the right to vote, also known as the right to suffrage, democracy could not exist and instead a system of monarchy, or oligarchy, or a dictatorship would be in place. The right to vote is essential in America because is it the central basis of a representative democracy, it is a Constitutional right, and is further protected and strengthened through the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
The right to vote is such a critical and principal component of a democratic society because the sovereign power is held by and exercised by the whole body of free...
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.....ight that is invaluable and crucial. Without that right, citizens of a society would not have a voice in the government that represents them. The importance of the right to suffrage is evident from its Constitutional and legislative protection. The right to vote means the right to vote for the representative for your country who will best reflect the laws and policies that you most believe in. That is a profound power and a privilege that only citizens of a democratic society are offered.
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