The Right of a Woman in Country X to have an Abortion


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The Right of a Woman in Country X to have an Abortion
This essay explores the right of a woman in Country X to have an abortion because she has no freedom or opportunity to enjoy life, and neither will her healthy female fetus. The pregnant woman’s right to have this fetus aborted would probably not be legal in this sort of country. It is therefore a sadistic question as to whether or not she is philosophically right enough in her desire to have this fetus aborted. The question is attempting to reward the state for taking away a women’s right to choose. This proposition is a logical farce; of course she would not be allowed, and the philosophers who want to protect her unborn child are actually attempting to reward the fascist state in...
The end:
.....ns today, religion and patriarchy work together to divest women of their basic human rights. It is slightly frightening to be asked ethical questions that half the world regards as toxic to their faith and their traditional culture. The modern world must not open this Pandora’s Box, except to strengthen our resolve to protect women from being forced into servitude because they have wombs and less upper body strength. If we cannot agree that women have the same civil rights as men, then what was the point in coming out of the caves? Either we are noble, civil people or we are barbarians.
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