The Revenge of a Cyber Bullying Victim


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The beginning:
The Revenge of a Cyber Bullying Victim
1. The problem: All is not equal among today’s young people. There is an enormous amount of bullying including what is known as cyber-bullying, trying to “get” some people that others feel are too nerdy or not one of “us”. “1 of every 17 kids between the ages of 10 and 17 has been either threatened of harassed while online, with most of the incidents involving rumors or other offensive behavior” (Sparling 11). Since many homes now have computers that gives online bullies an advantage over traditional schoolyard thugs. The Internet "allows kids to say and do things they wouldn't do face to face, and they feel like they won't be held accountable 
   One recourse for this underclass of teens and preteens...
The end:
.....stand up to bullies, in cyber space or in real life. These games need to be recognized as technological and imaginary marvels. But, they are just games. It is important for those, especially those sensitive and emotionally scarred, not to forget that.
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